Requirements for Glasonic Apps

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Requirements for Glasonic Apps Empty Requirements for Glasonic Apps

Post by Stealth2800 on Mon Nov 22, 2010 12:21 am

Alright, below you'll find a list of the things that are required to be in YOUR Glasonic Apps.

1. Scratch Rules
Your apps must also follow Scratch's rules along with the App requirements. Apps that do not follow Scratch's rules will not be accepted on the App Store.

2. No inappropriate content
Even if the app follows Scratch's rules, it might still not be very appropriate for the younger kids of Scratch, so those apps will not be accepted.

3. Size
Please do not make apps with huge file sizes. Apps aren't supposed to slow down Glasonic and depending on what you put in your App, it may.

4. System modification
Apps ARE allowed to modify the system, but only slightly. Things such as the dock and start menu may be modified, but we don't want Apps that change the entire OS. You may not change the look of the window either [i.e. size, button look, etc.]

5. Scripting
No more than 5 additional sprites, please.

Well those are it for now, more will come if needed.
Thank you!


Requirements for Glasonic Apps 25hibo3
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