Guidelines to making a suggestion

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Guidelines to making a suggestion Empty Guidelines to making a suggestion

Post by Stealth2800 on Mon Nov 22, 2010 11:25 am

Hey everyone, you all know I would like to make Glasonic the best as I can, but I do not know what you guys want in it. So here's your chance to be in Glasonic.
When leaving a suggestion, don't leave stupid questions that you know I won't consider.

Hey, it would be awesome if you could hack Glasonic and delete everything with one script!

Pft, I wouldn't even look at that, I would just lock it and delete it. Leave good suggestions that could actually be used with a good topic.

Topic: Peek Feature
It would be interesting if there was a feature that let you hover over a button to make the windows transparent, allowing you to see your desktop, like in Windows 7 (which owns Mac btw).

(That feature was already added, don't "suggest" it again)
Anyways, I think you get the picture now, no immature suggestions basically.

Well that's it! Please leave new suggestions to help make Glasonic even better!


Guidelines to making a suggestion 25hibo3
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