Preinstalled App: Preferences [Glasonic v1.0]

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Preinstalled App: Preferences [Glasonic v1.0]

Post by Stealth2800 on Wed Dec 01, 2010 10:54 pm

Preferences App Support Thread

Hey everyone, this is the official preferences app support thread where you can learn how each feature in the preferences app works.

Importing and changing backgrounds
One of the many features of Glasonic is being able to import your own pictures to use as Glasonic backgrounds. We'll start first with importing backgrounds.

Importing Backgrounds
Even though importing a background seems easy enough, there are many steps.

Step 1

A-Click on the "Stage" icon on the sprites box on the bottom right of the program.
B-Click on the "Backgrounds" tab
C-Click "Import"

Step 2

A-Click on the background you wish to import.
B-Click "OK" to import it.
C-Go to the background you just imported and press "Edit" on the costume.

Step 3

A-Resize the picture to fit nicely into the paint editor frame without any white space around it.
B-Click "OK" to close the paint editor.

Step 4

A-Click on the "Pref-1" sprite's icon.
B-Click on the "Costumes" tab
C-Click "Import"
D-Import the same picture from before
E-Press "OK" to import it

Step 5

A-Go to the "Scripts" tab of the "Pref-1" sprite.
B-Change the "NumberOfBGs" variable's number to the amount of backgrounds there are. (Basically just add one to the number already there Razz)

Step 6
That's it! If you get stuck or confused on a step, feel free to comment below Very Happy

Changing Background
Changing the background isn't very hard at all, and I bet you want to see your picture as a background in Glasonic Razz so I'll stop talking Very Happy

Step 1

A-Press on the start menu
B-Click on the "Preferences" button
C-Click on the "Backgrounds" button

Step 2

Click on the left or right arrow buttons to change the background.
That's it!

Now you will have all the customization powah in Glasonic Razz Have fun! Very Happy


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