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Post by Stealth2800 on Sun Jan 30, 2011 4:31 pm

Hey everyone, with the SDK now released (currently only for Glasonic), you can make your own apps! But many people, which might include you, need to learn how to use it, so below is a tutorial, made just for you Wink

Note: The SDK currently only works for Glasonic

Alright, so now you're DESPERATE to make apps for Glasonic (probably not Razz) so lets start off with the obvious step - download the latest version of the SDK at this link.
BEFORE starting, please read the guidelines to making an App @This Link

Now you're ready, have fun! Very Happy If you have any additional questions, please PM Stealth2800

Making the App Icon
1) Go to the "gIcon" sprite and click the "costumes" tab above.
2)There, you will want to press "edit" on the "IconTemp" costume.
3)WITHOUT going outside of the black boundaries, draw the icon for your app there.
4)Once done, close the paint editor

Setting up the minimized window
1) Go to the "gWindowTemp" sprite (While you're at it, rename the sprite to your app's name.
2) There, click the "costumes" tab and press "edit" the "MinimizedNew" costume.
3) Leave the first line alone. On the second line, type the name of your app and then put your Scratch username on the third line.
4) Save and close the paint editor.

Making the main app window
1) Go back to the "gWindowTemp" sprite
2) Go to the "costumes" tab and press "edit" on the "Open" costume
3) On that costume, feel free to edit the size of the window, do NOT edit the top structure of the window.
4) Draw whatever you want on the main window
5) Save and close that.
1) Go to the "scripts" tab and scroll down until you see the "Dragging script" note
2) Where it says "if (mouse x > x position+-222)" etc., press the "95" on the second "x position+95"
3) Make sure the "gWindowTemp" sprite is at (0,0) before you do this next step.
4) Hover over the very right edge of the window and look at the "y" on the bottom right of the stage
5) Remember that number and replace the "95" from the script before with the number you just remembered
6) Doing this makes sure you can still drag the window when you click and hold anywhere on the top bar of the window.
7) If you make the window SMALLER, do the same thing that I just explained.
8.) If you have questions about these steps, please PM me, (Stealth2800)

Adding extra sprites to your app
1) In the SDK, there's a sprite called "SpriteTemp," this sprite will allow you to add additional sprites to your window. You MUST follow these steps correctly, or else the positioning of the sprites may be a little off. Also, there is a limit of 5 additional sprites that you can add (I will be adding some apps to Glasonic as preinstalled apps, only apps with 5 extra sprites qualify)


SDK Tutorial 25hibo3
PM me if you have any questions about the forum.
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