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Guidelines to asking a question Empty Guidelines to asking a question

Post by Stealth2800 on Sun Nov 21, 2010 11:17 pm

Welcome to the Glasonic support center!
If you have any Glasonic-related questions, please make a new topic here.
Be clear when you make your topic though, in the title, please do not put "HEELLPPP MEEE" or "BIG PROBLEEMMM HELPPP" and other things like that. State your question clearly, so a person will know what you're asking even before entering the topic.

Here's an example of a question:

How do I import an app?
Hi, I was wondering how you import apps into Glasonic. I'm kind of confused on how to do this. If someone could give me directions, that would be appreciated.

...and answer?

It's actually not difficult, just go to File>Import Project.. in Scratch and then navigate to the App you wish you import.
Any further questions? Feel free to ask!

That's it! The normal forum rules obviously also apply here.. Thanks for reading this!


Guidelines to asking a question 25hibo3
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